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Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Pendiente de migración


Once you have arrived at the UCM, you should first go to the Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales. The exchange student will have to fill out an application form with his/her personal data and bring a copy of his/her passport in order to complete the file (in case he/she has not brought it yet). There is an informative meeting at the beginning of every semester. The attendance is highly recommended since an information dossier would be distributed.




  • Fall Semester: September to February. Exam period: February.
  • Spring Semester: February to June. Exam period: June.


These dates may differ slightly in each faculty. Please see our web page for a full list of faculties and their schedules.




Visiting students can choose and register for every subject offered by the UCM (core, mandatory, elective or optional), taking into account that they must be offered either on the first or second semester. It is not possible to take an annual subject if the visiting student is not staying for the whole academic course (September to June)

Teachings at the UCM include theoretical and practical (with previous acceptance) courses, as well as a tutorship system.

The following exceptions must be acknowledge:


  • First-year courses are closed to visiting students.
  • Enrolment in Fine Arts (authorisation form at Alumnos Visitantes), Veterinary, Medicine, Nutrition, Biology and Odontology (authorisation form at Vice-Deanship of International Affairs of each faculty) is limited: visiting students need previous written acceptance from the teacher or the Vice-Deanship for International Affairs to attend courses.
  • Enrolment in Political Science and Sociology is limited to 6 visiting students per group, so an early enrolment is highly recommended.
  • It is not possible to enrol in photography subjects in Media Studies (information at Alumnos Visitantes)
  • Students who will be staying only for one semester at UCM cannot attend courses from “licenciatura” at the Faculty of Law (this Study Plan offers only a full-year program). Students can choose subjects from “grado” (from 2nd year on).
  • Non-official programs (Máster, Especialista o Experto) are not open to visiting students. For further information consult UCM web page.
  • There is no registrationp fee waiver for an official master’s credits. For further information address:
  • Visiting students may choose courses from various faculties. However, if you choose to do so, be careful to avoid conflicts in your schedule.

Visiting students who want to enrol at the Faculty of Economics, Law, Veterinary, Geography and History, Fine Arts, and Philology will receive guidance at the corresponding ERASMUS office.

If the students want to attend the courses not as visiting students, but as official students, they must follow the academic rules for students with foreign studies and the deadlines established by the UCM: For any question, they can contact to:  The procedures for access, pre-enrolment, and registration must be done by the student personally. 




  • Fall Semester: October 1st to November 15th.
  • Spring Semester: January 15th to March 7th.





Registration will take place in Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes (Edificio de Alumnos), in the section for Alumnos Visitantes.

Address: Avenida Complutense s/n, in front of the Metro station ‘Ciudad Universitaria’ on line 6. Buses: 82,132, F, and G.


Schedule: 9-13.30 h (Monday to Friday) and15:30to17:30(Tuesday to Thursday).




The Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Internacionales (RR.II.) will offer registration fee waiver to the student accepted as exchange student by bilateral agreement (prior proposal from the coordinator of Exchange Relations or International Affairs at the foreign university). The International Affairs Office will provide the registration fee waiver credential to the student. Otherwise, the minimum price is approximately 300€, depending on the number of subjects taken and its grade of experimentality.


  • Students of “licenciatura” or “grado”: a maximum of 60 credits per academic course, and 30 credits per semester for half-year subjects. The rest of the credits will be paid by the student.
  • Students of the Faculty of Law: a maximum of 6 subjects per academic course for the “licenciatura” (annual ones). Regarding credits for “grado”, consult previous point.

REMEMBER that once the registration is completed at the Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes (Servicio de Alumnos), the student must hand in a copy of the registration form and the blue sheet which contains the subjects enrolled and the professors.




Steps to follow:


  1. Choose subjects from one or several faculties.


  1. Buy the registration envelope in the Vicerrectorado de Alumnos (price: 1€).
  2. Present the registration fee waiver credential (given in the International Affairs Office to the exchange students by bilateral agreement.
  3. Hand in the authorisation form of the professor or Vice-deanship for the restricted subjects (Fine Arts, Medicine, Odontology, Veterinary, and Biology)
  4. Pay the administrative fees (approximately 35€)
  5. Hand in 2 photos and a copy of the passport.



Once registered, you will receive a student card. This ‘carné de estudiante’ allows you to use all the university facilities: sports, clubs, libraries, computer rooms, etc. You will also be able to use the WiFi network and access the ‘campus virtual’ your registration number (13 digits)




The exact beginning day of each semester depends on the Faculty and subject enrolled.

During the first few classes, we strongly recommend that you introduce yourself to the professor. This will remind him/her your condition as a visiting student when grading exams and assignments.




REMEMBER: The International Affairs Office will not be responsible for delivering the transcripts; visiting students must personally take responsibility for it. The subjects enrolled and passed will be recorded on the transcripts (failed subjects will not be registered on this certificate). If the visiting student cannot collect the transcripts before leavingMadrid, some considerations must be acknowledged:


  • TRANSCRIPTS must be requested to the Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes (Alumnos Visitantes Office) giving the mailing address of the coordinator of International Affairs of the student’s university, as well as a contact email. The visiting student will probably receive this certificate around March or July, since the document would not be ready until February or June.


  • ATTENDANCE CERTIFICATE, If the student does not passed a subject or is not able to take the exam, is indispensable to be enrolled and request personally to the professor of the subject a document which states that the student has attended the course. This document might be handed in to the student or sent by email to Alumnos Visitantes Office (, and must indicate the complete name of the student, the passport number, home university, the term, the work done, and the name of the subject. In case this certificate is not ready before the student comes back to his/her country, it will be sent to the mailing address given by the student (International Affairs coordinator of the home university)


  • Once the transcripts or attendance certificate is collected, the visiting student must hand in a copy to the UCM International Affairs Office (admissible by email)





If you have any doubt or difficulty during your stay as exchange student by bilateral agreement, you can come to the “Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales” from Monday to Friday (10.00h to14.00h).

Address: Pabellón de Gobierno, C/ Isaac Peral S/N (pedestrian pathway on the right side of the “Arco dela Victoria”). Metro: Moncloa station.

Tel: +34 91 394 69 20 / 69 49. Fax: +34 91 394 69 24. Email address:

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