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Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Universidad Complutense de Madrid

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Visiting Students- General Information

Visiting Students- General Information


E-mail:; Phone: +34 91 394 12 99 /14 92

Hours of public attention: 9-13.30h (Monday to Friday) y 15.30-17.30h (Tuesday to Thuesday)



Foreign students, as well as Spanish residents studying abroad, are able to register as visiting students.


This status applies for academic stays of official studies (courses for college degrees or doctorate credits) with stays of one semester or a school course


The fulfilled studies below this registration form lack official academic validity in Spain.


General Information


The University of Complutense, Madrid has 3 university campuses.  University City (Ciudad Universitaria), the Somosaguas campus, and the Aranjuez campus (appx  40 km from Madrid). 

  • 1st Semester; From October to February (Exams take place in February)
  • 2nd Semester: From mid-February to June (Exams take place in June)
  • Law  studies are annual (October to June)
  • Doctorate: the start depends on the program.
  • Masters: At the moment there are no options for registering as a visiting student, being for your account, in the secretary of the Faculty  For  more information:


Choosing Subjects


Students are able to register for whatever subject (main, obligatory, optional or free configuration), with the following exceptions;

  • First year courses
  • Subjects in the Facutly of Medicine (including Nutrition and Occupational Therapy) and of the Faculty of Dentistry.
  • The registration in subjects of the Faculty of Fine Arts and in the Veterinary Faculty are conditional on acceptance of the professor responsible or the confirmation of the  Vice Dean of International Relations of the Faculty.
  • The registration of doctorate courses (PhD) will require the previous acceptance of the Department responsible.  The norms of official access to doctorate programs with foreign studies are located at:
  • Students who Intend to stay only one semester at UCM should take into account the law degree only has year long courses and those students can be admit only from October to June.



Visiting students are able to choose subjects from various faculties, but always with caution to avoid overlapping class schedules.  It is always more convenient to verify in advance (Student Secretary at every center).


You can find the study plans on the webpage:

In the related webpage you can find the content of the matter:


To see the program contents for the classes students should direct themselves to the department in the faculty where they are devised, look on the UCM webpage, or upon arrival to the University of Complutense, Madrid, ask for the content of the courses. It is important to know that there is enough time to think the courses (during October or February).




The teachings in our University include both theory and practical classes, combined with a system of tutorials.  The subject exams of the first semester are carried out in February. Those of the second semester, as well as those of year-long courses, take place in June.  Once the student is registered it is important to make sure you present yourself to the professor of the course-turn in a “ficha”- and before returning to your country collect the transcript” from the “oficina de Alumnos Visitantes –Edificio de Alumnos” or to ask to the professor a certify the assistance if the student didn´t do the exam, in its case.


In the case of the Faculty of Geography and History, after registering as a visiting student, the student must direct themselves to the office of mobility to register.  In this faculty, it is not necessary to request the “papeletas” since they give the final certification of qualifications.


El sistema de calificaciones y correspondencia de grados puede encontrarse en las siguientes direcciones:

The system of qualifications and corresponence of grades can be found at the following addresses;




1st Semester: From the 1st of October to the 15th of November

2nd Semester: From the 15th of January to the 5th of March.


The election of courses should be carried out once in Madrid.  The visiting student does not need to carry out the pre-inscription.




The courses at UCM are structured by credits.  The amount of credits to pay for registration is calculated by adding the secretary taxes to the total, obtained by multiplying the number of credits desired by the price, which varies with the experience level  (from 1 to 6).


To consult the prices active for the 2009/10 course (they usually rais annually around the percentage of the CPI), you can visit the following webpage (organized by options of interest of the student):


The SECRETARY TAXES amount to approximately 32€.  You can pay it, after registering, at Caja Madrid or the bank Santander Central Hispano.  Besides the costs of the registered courses, there is a minimum price of registration (independent of the credits actually registered) of which usually correspond to some 30 credits per semester; 5 or 7 subjects depending on the number of credits, area, etc.  This minimum quantity amounts to some 305€.  The total will depend on the number of credits actually chosen (for example, a complete course for a career in Health Science amounts to around 1000€, and one of Social Science is around 700€). 


The program of every course can be obtained in the faculty of which it takes part, although in some cases it is also offered in the internet.  To search for them, you must go the webpage of the corresponding faculty at:






The registration of the visiting students is of concern to the Vice-Rector of the Students.  The address is the following:


Vicerrectorado de Estudiantes

Edificio de Alumnos

Avenida Complutense S/N

Ciudad Universitaria

28040 Madrid

Metro: Ciudad Universitaria (línea 6)


Schedule of attention to the public: 9.00-13.30h (Monday through Friday) y 15.30-17.30h (Tuesday through Thuersday).


phone: +34 91 394 14 92


Letter of Acceptance


The possession of a letter of acceptance is sometimes a necessary requirement to handle the student visa at the corresponding Spanish embassy (see foreign standards to know if this is the case).  The student that comes for their account (and isn’t, however, an exchange student from agreement) doesn’t need to send their file, but rather is sufficient with indicating the complete name and surname, passport number, the studies for the degree to be carried out, and a postal address to send the document, taking into account the prior indicated exceptions.


Example: George Clooney, passport #: 99888888, wishes to attend; 3rd year study course in the Faculty of Physical Sciences. .


The student services office will normally send out the letter of acceptance requested from the month of June.


If the acceptance letter is urgently needed, it can be requested that the student services send it to a fax number specified.  For financial reasons, this service cannot assume the cost of express mail, except if the student interested pays the price charged previously.  If the need is not imperative, the acceptance letter will be sent through ordinary mail, in which case the reception depends on the services of the international mail providers.




Once the student has registered in the Office of the Student Vicerrectorado and has paid the fees for the secretary expenses, they will relieve a receipt.  On this print out there is a 13 digit figure that corresponds to their registration number.  With these, and the help of the UCM webpage, they will be able to access the virtual campus.

They should also introduce their passport number (without zeros and numbers). Additional information at “Oficina de Alumnos Visitantes”.


In every centre at UCM, there is a place that allows access to WIFI and Virtual campus when the student has been registered.



Visiting Student Information< >:  

When enrolling as a visiting student, it is not necessary to complete every step with this university before the start of the first or second semester.

If you need any document from UCM to complete a certain step for your university (ex: visa), it is possible to send an invitation card for the next course.  To do this you must sent your postal address via email.

Información adicional: las normas específicas para alumnos visitantes están en las páginas 28 a 30.

Additional Information: the specific rules for visiting students are on pages 28 to 30.


Sports Activities:


You will have access once enrolled

For more information:

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