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Title:Tuition fees
Tuition fees for the academic year 2016/2017
Decreto 83/2016 de 9 de agosto (BOCM nº 191)

Tuition fees for each academic year are approved in July, in general, an affect the official study programmes: both undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by all public universities adscribed to Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid. 

Undergraduate programme
Fees include different concepts such as:
    • Office expenses: 6,11 euros
    • Opening of student's record (only for those starting from scratch): 27,54 euros
    • Student insurance (for Spaniards and foreigners, with residency in Spain, under 28): 1,12 euros
    • Academic expenses: each study programm has been adscribed to any of the groups in which courses are divided according to the experimentality they have been recognised, thus please have a look at the "experimentalidad" linked to the programme you are interested in and proceed as follows:
    1. The fee shown is referred to one credit; it means that students should multiply the amount involved by the total number of credits affected in the enrolment.
    2. Successive registrations in a given subject -that must be retaken- lead to an increase of fees and students have to proceed the same way by taking into account the amount to be multiplied by the number of credits involved.
    3. Check the "experimentalidad" recognised for the course in which your degree is included.
    4. Incomers International students without residence permit, who have completed their upper secondary school either in non-EU education systems or countries that do not hold an exchange agreement with Spain: academic expenses of fourth registration.

Official master programmes

Tuition fees might not be updated by the time the application period gets started, thus students are advised that the fees adjustment will be increased in subsequent receipts.

  • First time registrations: 52,65 euros per credit
  • Successive enrolments as a result of failed subjects: 78,57 euros
  • Incomers Non-EU international students without residency status: academic expenses of second registration.
  • Charges must be paid at any Banco Santander Central Hispano or Bankia branches.
  • Standing orders are required the bank account for the payment of enrolment.
  • Credit card for payment through the internet: only the first bill (for the eight-instalments modality)

General payment modalities for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes

Student must choose the payment modality desired: either payment in full or in eight instalments (30%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10%, 10% and 10%).

The payment in-eight-instalments modality will not be possible for registrations carried out from December onwards or whenever the total amount to be paid is inferior to 350 euros.  If payment in eight-instalments is the modality chosen with no standing order students must print each receipt on ucmnet.ucm.es and pay it in the period that appears in them. 

PhD programmes

A fee of 200 euros is needed for the "tutela de tesis" (supervision and academic adscription) each academic year the student is enroled, except for students affected by the RD 99/2011, who will have to pay 390 euros.

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